Zentia is a free-to-play global MMORPG that takes place in a Chinese fairy tale world, describing itself as “Charmingly Hardcore.” [1] The game is jointly produced by Changyou and Pixel Soft . Pixel Soft originally debuted the game in China. Changyou, who has introduced more humor and social aspects, among other changes. Open Beta for the North American version was released October 13, 2010. [2] The North American version of Zentia officially closed at 11:59 PM PDT on August 13, 2012. [1]


Zentia features a humorous comic book style in 3D, unique characters, and a unique social leveling feature that requires the entire community to work together. Zentia has unique characters, 8 classes and hundreds of events, quizzes and mini games to keep you entertained. New players choose one of 24 pre-made characters, each of which represents a different immortal hero sentenced to the world of demons. The game boasts a powerful pet system where nearly half of all creatures can be seen. Individual mounts can carry anywhere from one to ten players. Also included is a rich crafting system, and plenty of PvP options. The guild system is extensive, acting as a larger clan which contains smaller clans and turns into clans into a sort of alliance.

Class Overview

This overview consists of a few highlights of each class. Their suggested roles, basic mechanics, end-game expectations and relevant information.

Dark Revenant : Dark Revenants can heal and enhance their allies, but they trade off some of this ability for shadowy power that lets them hurt and otherwise hinder enemies. They are still in a supporting role, they take a more aggressive stance. If you like healing the whole party and keeping them strong this is your class.

Storm Lord : Stormlords deals less damage than Fire Mages specializes in lightning skills. They hurt groups more than the other classes, but their damage is wasted against a single foe. If you like doing long ranged attacks, this is your class.

Master Summoner : Master Summoners are more versatile than Blade Wardens, though they also have a lack of focus. Their summoned allies can damage enemies while they join in melee combat, stay back and use ranged attacks, or even heal their allies. If you like summoning your battlefield, this is your class.

Raksha Warrior : Raksha Warriors trade some of the Vajra Guardian’s durability for the ability to do more damage. Though not specialized in their counterpart, they can still take a beating. If you like doing damage, defending, and using a little magic, this is your class.

Vajra Guardian : Vajra Guardians are the ultimate in staying power and watching enemy attention. Their high toughness and melee power make them a valuable core member of any team. If you like to take a break from the party and help yourself, this is your class.

Warden Blade : Blade Wardens are expert sword wielders. They are skilled with them in melee, but can also summon and make swords made of lightning or ice. If you like to dish out a lot of damage, this is your class.

Fire Mage : Fire Mages have a singular focus and possess the highest single-target damage skills in the game. They can burn a single target quickly but should be wary of tougher enemies or groups of enemies. If you like helping the party and doing the most damage

Divine Enchant : Divine Enchanters possessing attacks, but their true strength is making their allies stronger. They can heal them, raise their attributes, and even revive them if they fall in love.

Mounts & Pets

Mounts exist for transportation or combat. Transport can not attack, get no active skills, and do not give stat bonuses. However, these mounts are generally faster than the fight for your class. While combat mounts have some passive skills that only apply bonuses to specific classes, any class can ride any mount.

Pets are passive companions (they do not attack and can not be targeted). They have some passive skills, and they have two active skills: they can guide you to an autopathed destination.


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