Titan Siege

Titan Siege (video game) is a free to play massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Chengdu Storm Totem Studio, a subsidiary of BL Tech, [1] and published by Gamesco. [2] The game is set in a fantasy version of the ancient civilizations of Northern Europe, Greece, and Egypt.


There are a total of five different classes. The classes are not gender locked and have unique skills and equipment.

Melee Fighters

  • Warrior
  • Assassin


  • priest


  • magus
  • Voodoo Elementalist (summoner type)


The game world of Titan Siege is a full three dimensional seamless map in which players by flying walking, swimming or flying. [3]

Titan Siege features both player versus environment and player versus player content. The game is notable for its large-scale weekly castle siege battles in player versus player mode. Open world free-for-all player killing is also allowed. Players can also participate in other competitive events such as Castle Siege, Guild Contest, Battle for Sarazahn, and a player versus Arena player.

Titan Siege has over 300 creatures, 15 cities, more than 300 quests, farts, and mounts. [4]


Titan Siege has received mixed reviews. Vinny Faneran of The Irish Sun praised the game’s battlefield mode and its graphics, calling the game to “vast visual feast which gives a player the freedom to roam absolutely anywhere, seamlessly.” [5] Game reviewer Olivia Morin noted that Titan Siege is fun to play even though it lacks innovation. [6] In his video review for Mmos.com, Omer said that the translations are often hilariously wrong but that the game is not bad for “a solid generic MMO.” [7]


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