Race War Kingdoms

Race War Kingdoms , also called RWK , is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released in 2001, developed and published by Glitchless LLC. Race War Kingdoms is mostly text-based with some graphical implementations and does not have high system requirements.

Race War Kingdoms is a browser game that requires an internet connection to play. [1]


Players begin by creating a character of a selected race, resulting in a level 0 character with a basic set of equipment. Players can then begin with adventuring and fighting monsters. Players are able to chat while they are playing the game when the player’s character reaches level 1. [2]


Players are able to obtain kingdoms by settling in a location which is not occupied by anyone else. High level players maintain multiple kingdoms, also called a plex , and collect interest gold by depositing a certain amount of gold into the kingdom. Players can also attack other players using a kingdom of their own.


Skills can range from 0 to 125 and get up to speed. Level of advancement depends on the percentage of experience The higher percentage of the experience of a player with higher skills. Characters can only train one skill at a time, but they can be proficient in multiple categories. Skills become more difficult to improve as they mature. [3]


RWK’s quests are specifically obtained by going to a specific location, talking to special NPCs , or defeating certain monsters at specific locations. Quest items are designed to enhance the characters, and some of the powerful results are also available from Glitchless . However, all items are obtainable by playing the game without purchasing them.


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