Perfect World

Perfect World ( Perfect World ), established in 2005, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game completely free 3D edited by Beijing Perfect World . The story is based on Chinese mythology and takes place in the world of Pangu.

Game System

The player directs an avatar in a third-person view or in a subjective view, using the keyboard or mouse. One of the special features of the game is the ability to jump, swim and fly (you can fly from level 10 except for the Elven race that can fly from the start.) It is possible to fight on land, In water and in the air).

Races and Classes

  • humans
    • The champions, they can select a group of monster (to tank in the dungeons), to make attacks (skill). They can tank if they have a priest to heal them. They have several weapons, swords, axes, spears, fists, to be effective at close range.
    • The Magi, they are not tanks but rather a kind of support in magic attack. They do very badly, but are fragile. They only have remote attacks.
  • elves
    • The Archers are an attack support. It is relatively fragile but does damage. An archer will do more damage from far than near. It is better to be away from your target when you start attacking.
    • Priests heal and resurrect. They have little life and do not strike hard at first, but may specialize in attack or in group heal.
  • chimera
    • The Barbarians is an exclusively male class, one can choose between, a wolf, a panda, a tiger or a lion. They have the ability to turn into a tiger. It is the class that has the most life, so they can easily tank.
    • Toximancians are an exclusively female class, with ears and tails of either wolf, rabbit, fox, cat or bat (except for the bat that has bat wings on the Head and a “diablesse” tail). They use magic, capture and control monsters to make them familiar to them in battle. There are three kinds of pets, earth, air, and water. They can turn into a pin, a vixen form where they can use spells different from their human form. This shape prevents the use of certain spells of human form.
  • Talathans
    • mentalists
    • Assassins are very effective in close combat. It is a very fragile class, but it does a lot of damage. They are particularly useful in a group, to counter the attacks of mobs (monsters) or boss.
  • Gaian
    • guardians
    • mystics

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