League of Angels

League of Angels (Abbreviation: LoA ) is a browser and mobile-based MMORPG released in December 2013 by Youzu Interactive . [1] LoA [2] ‘s China release took place in July 2013, with the North American version following shortly in December that year. It is free-to-play, but offers the option to buy additional in-game gear, attempts and resources. It now has servers in Asia, North America, Europe, Russia, and South America. Now it has been online.

League of Angels II was released in 2016.

Game setting

League of Angels is a turn-based MMORPG where players take over the role of heroes as they fight monsters, save beleaguered angels, collect gold and diamonds (the in-game currency), complete quests, and battle against the forces of evil.


League of Angels is an online multiplayer game in qui players collect heroes and angels, Level Up Their Strengths, combines the ultimate combinations of fighters and fight through dungeons, bosses and other players in order to obtenir gold, diamonds, EXP And Many other rewards.


In League of Angels players can unlock dozens of unique heroes with different skills and attributes. Each hero can then be properly equipped, leveled up and have his / her skills improved. Players can then choose which they want to place in their battle formation.


In addition to using heroes, each battle formation can contain one Angel. Angels can become crucial to your training. As with heroes, there are many Angels that can be unlocked by players, each one with unique skills.

Story Mode

Demon King’s army of evil has swarmed through the land. In order to halt his progress and save countless honest citizens, the angels have descended and formed a League in the fight against evil. They have begun to assemble the greatest heroes of all time and will stop at nothing until the Great Demon King is defeated. This League of Angels will not be stopped by any minion, dungeon or boss that the army of evil will throw at them.

Arena Battles

Arena mode is where players can test their battle against other Fire Raiders players from all around the world. Many different types of rewards are available for players who are able to win the rankings and prove that their battle formation is superior.


Aside from gold, players can also use diamonds as currency. Diamonds can be awarded when reaching certain milestones and completing certain achievements. One option to buy them using real-world money, but they are also available in game. Diamonds can be used to speed up every aspect of the game, from the leveling up of Angels and Heroes.


League of Angels is notorious for plagiarism in its ads, which tends to be unrepresentative of the game itself. League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch. It also advertises on many porn websites, falsely advertising itself. quote needed ]


League of Angels was chosen as one of the best new games on Facebook in December 2014 for that year. [3]


League of Angels has received mixed reviews. It is praised for its art style, strategy, and familiar gameplay mechanics. However, it is also criticized for its frequent use of money for Diamonds , lack of fixed bug and its automatic battle system. It also has been criticized for its false advertising, with a pornographic ad campaign similar to that of Evony . It est aussi Said That it steals Some artwork from other games as well as music and it steals Some quotes from games Such As World of Warcraft , The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim , and League of Legends . It also used a short, looping version of the animated video used on the title of Final Fantasy XIV (version 1.0) along with the same musical theme used during the video.


League of Angels II (also League of Angels 2 or LoA2 ) was the 2016 sequel to the 2013 game. Its impending release was announced March 15, [4] and a 5000-player closed beta ran from March 24 [5] to 31, [6] then replaced with an open beta . It launched April 8 in North America, [7] and 2 weeks later there was a free gold giveaway to promote playing. [8] The game’s European release occurred May 19. [9]

The game’s first multi-language release (French, German, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese ) was released May 26, [10] then Portuguese and Spanish on June 23. [11] [12]


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