Jade Dynasty

Jade Dynasty (also known as Zhu Xian is a free MMORPG game the game was created by Perfect World.The game is currently in its first expansion, the Ascension, which was released November 12, 2009. 1 It is based on a novel called Zhu Xian.


Jade Dynasty revolves around the conflict between six human factions called Jadeon, Skysong, Vim, Lupine, Mode and Incense Mage, and their ultimate goal of achieving immortality, and six factions Athan, Rayan, Arden, Celan, Balo, Forta, and Barbe (The latter has not yet been released but will be unlocked in the future) they are trying to prevent humans from becoming too powerful. Human characters must choose which faction to join at level 15 while Athan characters choose the faction they want to play from the character’s creation. Each faction in Jade Dynasty has different abilities, strengths, weaknesses and game styles.

The characters can buy items from the market with a form of gold coin called Jaden. There is a auto-route function that allows the player to travel to a specific place by clicking on a name.

Espers are powerful items that provide bonus skills and attributes for the owner. Each time the player uses an Esper skill, the Esper experience is increased by 1. When the Esper has enough experience, his level increases, which increases the bonus he gives. The Esper also changes color every 10 levels and allows the player to enter an “AFK” mode to kill the monsters automatically for an extended time.

Players are able to obtain pets and train them, improve their quality and the evolution of their appearance. A pet workshop exists to develop training materials or equipment for pets. The mood of the pet determines what it tells the player. Pets are divided into grades. The higher the degree the stronger the pet becomes.


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