Ether Saga Zero

ESO Zero + is a unique mid-rate Odyssey Ether Saga server with tons of new custom features and continuous, incremental development. We have recently reopened with a new server and new features, continue the development of Ether Saga Odyssey, start again and make another epic story to tell.


1. Maximum level 135, 10x EXP rate, 50x drop rate, 25x drop money rate, EXP 2x quest reward, money qux 5x reward. Enable Domain: Start (PVE), Realm01 (PVP), Realm05 (PVP), Realm06 (PVE), Realm08 (PVP), Realm10 (PVP), TW Realm.

2. Offer free E-bucks through the voting work system and the conversion system. Players can get E-bucks for free by doing a voting job every day, their online hours will automatically convert to E-cents. And after joining the community on our forum, they can win the EXP forum (a credit unit on the forum) by most actions, and be able to use it to convert to E-dollars. Also playing the FPS game in our L4D2 server will bring you more convertible points that can also be converted to E-bucks.

3. Custom Heaven Repository (cash), great discount on most items.
(1) Add all existing ESO mode objects to Heaven Repository, including missing cosplay that have been removed in the official ESO (see cosplay screenshots here)
(2) Add a lot of flying and terrestrial mounts improved at Paradise Deposit. Add many new custom mounts that are converted from other PWE games. (Check the screenshots of the new LoMA mounts)
(3) Add custom lotto boxes to Heaven Repository. Add several new custom smiley elements to Heaven Repository. Set 50% off advanced vitamins. Add imbue stones to the reduction list. Lower the price for teleport expresses.
(4) Add tons of new custom fashion items in Heaven Repository, these custom fashion items are created by our players, thanks to them to bring a lot of fun creative things to ESO, usually we add new fashion items customized in each weekly update. Check out this thread to join the custom fashion discussion and check out this thread to learn how to create a custom mode. (Welcome to submit your custom fashion work, just send the * .ski and * .dds files to, the reward is pending)

4. Reduce the leveling EXP requirement to 1/20 of the original. Set all Crafting Recipes Exp requirements to 1/10 of the original.

5. Empowered Evo pets have been modified to achieve a balanced strength level. Evo Panda and Evo Redridge have the same property and strength as the Oxtera Ultera, and their growth will not increase the strength. Add the Fragranberry pack to the Heaven repository.

6. Change the maximum level limit to 150 for some official instances: “Gauntlets of Monkeys”, “Twisted Moon”, “Pit of Champions”, “15 Minutes of Stand”, “Warcry: Battle of Xanada”, “The Hunt sacred. ” Set the level of bosses and monsters to 150. Add Apothecary and Stash keeper to the End of the Future and Future Finale, and set the SP to 4x for FF and FE. The maximum teleportation limit to Dream Lost World has been increased to 110. Players can get 2 Swords of Courage every day. Remove the culture point requirement for the NPC of the +9 imbue service found in the dungeon: Sacred Hunting, replace it with the requirement of reputation points.

7. Add Silver Ingot to the boss drop-down list (level 60+). Adding a new npc to Pokari, near these bullion exchangers, provides the new bullion exchange service for some high-level transformation cards. And the npc: “Ingot Exchanger Qien” in Pokari starts selling low-level processing cards for gold.

8. Enable daily quests: “Daily Clock” and “Fruits of Work”, the minimum level limit is 45, ppl could complete them after being online for 2 hours. The reward is sweep tokens or fruit work. Scan tokens can be used for exchange with some useful objects, Fruit of Work can be used in the daily imbue event.

9. Add 2 more Invasions of the Astral Overlord Invader for each week, the first will be on Wednesday at 5:00 pm, the second will be on Sunday at 3:00 pm. There is a server clock on our homepage, you can watch it anytime.

10. Fashions, Mounts, Flights can be enhanced with certain specified items, including Carbon Fiber, Silver Bar, Lost Island, Cube Material Objects. After upgrading, these items will get better stats and faster speed. We add a specified tag to the name of the object to identify its level, for example a mode object usually has 4 levels, there are 4 tags: “☆”, “★”, “○”, “▲” which expresses each level. And remember, the upgrade operation always has a chance to fail, if you plan to update your mode / mount / flight, do not forget to use the “Ancestral Crystal” or “Charm Elements” “To increase the success rate.

11. Add a new personalized npc: Gospel Young Disciple, he is close to the npc: Ziola to Pokari. It sells level 60 ~ 90 equipment and prints items for new players.

12. Bring back the old Ether Saga Online animation. The city of Pokari has a new background music, it too is in the snow since the new year 2014. We have also added some new transformation cards for fun, which can be obtained from the Pokari boss’s loot, you can become a dancer and perform a full Korean style dance with gorgeous lights and music. And we’ve added tons of new fireworks in the npc store in Pokari City, you can buy them for fun.

13. Add a custom group scene to the center of Pokari City. The npcs in this group provide a personalized exchange service or quests. And there are 2 wandering bosses in the city of Pokari. They have very low APs but high HP, tracking them would bring good loot, including lotto boxes, and “JD Token”, “Smiley Token”. You can use the new token elements to exchange new custom mounts or new smiley elements.

14. The new npc: Quiet Lucy in Pokari City provides the teleportation service to enter the new custom maps. In ESO Zero, so far, we have already created 5 new custom open regions, 3 new custom dungeons (adventure map).

The 5 new regions are:
(1) The Wildlands – click here to see the guide
(2) The Cube – click here to see the guide
(3) Classic Pokari City – click here to see the guide
(4) The Billows – click here to see the guide (in edition …)
(5) Kunlun Wonderland – click here to see the guide (in edition …)

The 3 new dungeons are:
(1) Lost Island – click here to see the guide
(2) Wildlands Day – click here to see the guide
(3) Pokari Classic PVP Battle – click here to see the guide

15. Add some special weapons to the npc shop (Pokari City), upgrading these weapons will cost billions of SP, so you can use them to fix the extremely high SP problem. And to solve the problem of “gold limit in the bag”, we added a new article: “5k gold” in the shop npc.

16. In ESO Zero, there are several new custom gear sets for high-level players:
(1) Level 120 Armor Set – make these gears with Genesis armor pieces and some hardware items from the new card: The WildLands
(2) – make these weapons with Genesis weapons and the material items of the new card: Cube
(3) Level 130 weave – craft these armor with level 120 armor pieces and some items from the new card: Kunlun Wonderland
(4) Level 130 weapons – make these weapons with level 120 weapons and some hardware items from the new card: The Billows

ESO Zero

ESO Zero – a Ether Saga Odyssey private server, everyone is welcome to join the community here.

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ESO Zero-a Ether Saga Odyssey private server,everyone is …

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