Dawntide was a short-lived open world massively multiplayer online role-playing game Developed by an independent studio based in Copenhagen , Denmark . It used the Gamebryoengine from Emergent Game Technologies and CEGUI for UI. It featured a free-form advancement system.

The official launch date was October 1, 2011. [2] On March 2, 2012 the developer announced on the game website that was developed in the financial sector. [3]


In Cieve, the world of Dawntide, players are the driving element and the builders of a new civilization. [4] “They can create their own cities, with their own real societies, and they have the opportunity to create and enforce their own laws and establish a government. those governments – at their own risk. ”


Features, gold Implemented Otherwise, included: a freeform skill progression system, [5] fully player-buildable towns, four playable races, full loot PvP , crafting an interdependent system, and a sailing and exploration mechanic.


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