Blade Wars

Blade Wars is a free-to-play massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) first released in China in 2007. It was developed and published by . Blade Wars is inspired by martial arts and takes place in a fantasy universe where three playable breeds, the Abyssals, Humans, and Immortals battle for dominance in PVP encounters.


The game features F2P martial arts and uses an isometric view and employs a control scheme similar to the one used in RuneScape and the Diablo game series.

The battle is based on a dynamic algorithm that is a player’s level, the time between attacks and the enemy’s position. Players are able to feign gold attacks or dodge an opponent’s strikes. Skill combinations can be customized to result in powerful attacks.

The game incorporates many of the features found in Changyou’s previously released title, Dragon Oath . Mounts, trading, guild battles and daily events are included in Blade Wars . Unlike Dragon Oath , Blade Wars uses a 2.5D graphics engine , mixing 2D and 3D graphics into an isometric view.

The game enables players to use strategy in the field of customizing the fighting system and encouraging players to challenge each other for supremacy. Knight, Assassin, Shura, Warlock, and Gold Warrior, will be able to explore and visually stunning world filled with challenges and fierce wars.

Development and release

Originally released in China in 2007, Blade Wars received an English adaptation and was launched on American and British markets in 2010.


Blade Wars received an award in 2009 from the Chinese gaming site Wangyou [1] for Original Title of the Year.


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