Audition Online

Audition Online (Korea: 오디션 온라인), also known as Dancing Paradise in Japan, is an online game of dance, produced by T3 Entertainment . It began its popularity in Korea and was then distributed to several countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and the Philippines, and even in Brazil.


Audition Online originated from a comic book called Audition, which had as young readers and adults from South Korea . With inspiration in the magazine, T3 Entertainment created Audition Online. Still in South Korea it gained a thunderous popularity and then the game went to other places of the world like Brazil , China , Hong Kong , Indonesia , Japan , Philippines , North America , Thailand , Taiwan , Southeast Asia , Europe and Vietnam . The game had a “global” Where most were American and Vietnamese players. After a while from its launch the server was disabled because of the huge numbers of hackers (also called cheaters, cheaters). The Korean server continues the game having the most up-to-date version with great support and weekly updates.

Audition Online, on all servers, is free to play, using the Virtual Asset Sales (VAS) system (known by Brazilians as a cash system), which allows the user to use real money to buy items and avatars in the game. The game is similar to Bust a Groove ( Playstation game ), but has a considered difference, the game is MMOG ( Massively Multiplayer Online Game ), in other words, it is possible to play with people from all over the world through internet It is possible to play)

Eletronic Times Internet announced that Audition Online has reached 50 million registered users in China with 500,000 concurrent players passing in front of highly popular games like Crazy Racing and World of Warcraft

The Brazilian server was updated and was under the responsibility of the company Hazit online, which closed the activities of the game in 2010, leaving all simultaneous Brazilian players without clarification. The company was negligent in dealing rudely with players seeking clarification, and fled their responsibilities to those players who spent money on cash. As time passed this episode was eventually forgotten and today the company continues to administer the Priston Tale.


By following the arrows that are shown on the screen, by pressing the spacebar or control button (ctrl) on the right beat of the song, the player can achieve a MISS, BAD, COOL, GREAT or PERFECT. The character will dance as the player hits. Each sequence of arrows has its own unique movement.

The player can make combo of PERFECTs and get extra points. Combos (also called “chains”) can interfere with the opponents’ performances and / or prevent opponents from interfering with the player. The character who scores the most points until the end of the song wins, in the case of games in time, will be the sum of all the components of the group. Each player receives DEN (virtual dinehiro) and experience points according to their performance in the match. (On the US server, DEN was translated as BEATS)

If in a match you have 6 players (in most modes), there is the possibility of an alarming event (called by the “mission” players), where DEN bonuses are given to those you meet. For example, in one part the mission is not to take COOl or MISS, or to get a combo x5. The mission bonus is shown as soon as the match begins. The chances of a mission appearing increase if the song is in random mode.

4k and 8k

In relation to the arrows, there are two modes: 4 arrows (also called 4k) where the 4 directions are used, so to play, you can use the arrow keys or the numbers on the numeric keypad being low (2), left (4) and right (6), top (8). In some modes it is allowed to use 8 arrows (8k), so you can only play on the numeric keypad. Besides the four arrows used in 4k, there are also the diagonals: left-bottom (1), right-bottom (3), upper left (7) and right-superior (9). In some modes it is allowed to choose between 4k and 8k, in case you want to switch, simply press insert at any time of the game.


In some game modes, you can use the chance by increasing the number of points in a sequence by 50%. This can be activated by pressing delete or . (Dot) on the numeric keypad, so in each sequence above level 6 there will be 3 red arrows that must be pressed in the opposite direction.

Fashion Shop

As in most games using the MMO cash system, Audition Online allows you to purchase items that change the character’s appearance (called an avatar ), such as hair style , shirts , sweaters , pants , skirts , accessories and even expressions Facials. The avatars that are bought with cash can not be bought with the virtual money (DEN) achieved in the game, just as avatars that are bought with DEN can not be bought with cash . To buy an avatar you must go to the Fashion Shop. When entering the Fashion Shop, at the top of the list are the avatars bought with cash , at the end of the list are those that can be purchased with DEN.

To get cash you need to enter the site and choose one of the forms of payments made available by the company. Of course, each server has a different site; So it must be taken into account that each server is one (or more) different country and that the company (or company headquarters) is also different.

Game Modes

Individual modes

Where each player competes to be the best in the room. You can play in these modes even if you are alone in a room, but doing so will not earn experience points or DEN.

Practice Mode

Allows the player to train their audition skills with a rhythm guide bar in the first few sequences. In this mode only sequences from 1 to 5 will appear and you will not have Finish Move. When the spacebar is not pressed at the right hit, it is not considered MISS (error) and will have the chance to press on the next hit. This mode is only available on the Starter server (level 1 through 5).

Practice Mode-8

It is the same system of Pratice Mode but with 8 arrows. This mode is available on intermediate servers (from level 6 to level 10) and free (with no level restriction).

Freesytle Battle

The dance progresses through all levels by placing commands of your choice. Basically this is to show a dance sequence that you have created. Consequently, PERFECTs will cause the sequence to go faster, whereas BAD will make no difference to that progress. In this mode up to 3 Finish Moves can be made if PERFECT is made at least in the first two.

Dance Competition

In this modes are given the same sequences for all players, so everyone will do the same steps. Only 4k commands are made in this mode. The player who misses 1 sequence will be penalized by failing to make the next sequence.

Advanced Dance Competition

It’s the same Dance Battle system, but commands are added that use diagonals (8k).

The same penalty for those who receive a MISS, misses the next sequence. The Finish Move is always on 8k

Normal Game

Also called Free Mode, it is a mixture of Freestyle Battle and Dance Competition. The player starts by making sequences given up to level 7 and proceeds to freestyle, where the sequences of his chooses of level 6 and 7 can be made. Then he goes to level 8 and 9, doing the sequences correctly for Freestyle2 where Level 8 and 9 sequences can be made. As in Freestyle Battle mode, 3 Finish Moves can also be made here, as long as you exit PERFERCTs in the first two.


An exclusive 8k mode sequences begin at level 6. All players will make the same commands, being synchronized. This is basically the Dance Competition mode in just 8k

Dynamic 4 / Dynamic 8

Mode similar to Dance Competition with freestyle movements (give less points than normal) alternately between players. As the number indicates, this mode can be played in both 4k and 8k

One-Two Party

Similar to the Space Channel 5 game . In this mode, NPC (non-controllable character) show directions to be placed in the rhythm of the song, so the player must do the same as the NPC did after he finished. In this mode only the 4 directions are used, when the NPC shout GO is to press the spacebar, WHEN screaming YEAH is to press the insert or the number 5 of the numeric keypad.

BeatUp Mode [6]

Similar to the classic Dance Dance Revolution and Pump It Up , in Beat Up mode, arrows in 6 directions appear and the player needs to press the respective key at the time the arrow reaches the center of the screen. The player also needs to be aware of the bar at the bottom of the screen, when the brightness reaches the center of the bar should hit the space bar (can also be insert, 5 or ctrl). The arrows are lower-left (1), left (4), left-upper (7), right-bottom (3), right (6), top right (9). Near the end of the song is warned that the chance can be activated (pressing delete) and thus some arrows will turn red in the middle of the way and should not be tightened. Pressing the numeric keypad enter will cause the arrow bars to be smaller, Making each arrow worth more points than normal, is not known for sure, but it is estimated to be around 30% more. Pressing the enter again, the bars return to normal.

BeatUp Mode [4]

Same BeatUp system [6], with some differences. The left (4) and right (6) arrows become automatic and do not need to be tight (do not count points or combo) and in the end you will not have the option to use chance. In this mode it can be played with the Home (right-top), End (left-bottom), Page Down (right-bottom) and Page Up (right-top) keys. The enter of the numerical keyboard can be used to gain more points, as in BeatUp Mode [6]

Dance Battle (4 Key) or (8 Key)

On the SEA server (Southeast Asia) this mode was called Sync © -4 / Sync © -8. At the beginning this mode is exactly the same as Dance Battle or Sync8 (respectively). After doing the finish move, you will not return to level 6 as in other modes, you will have level 10 and 11, a bar will appear on the right side of the screen and as your cartouche will fill. After level 11, the Finish Move will appear with 11 arrows being a chanced, Finish Move, the player receives a bonus (in points), the better his performance in the level 10 and 11 hits, the higher the bonus . If the song ends while the player is in the 10th or 11th level sequences, the current bonus (shown at the bottom of the bar) will be added to the final score.

License mode

After the player achieves the number of experience points needed to pass the level, this player must take a test. Just click the button above the list of players in the waiting room. This mode takes the player to a new room (alone) and shows what should be done to pass the level (a certain score, number of PERFECTS and a combo). If the player succeeds, he gains a certain amount of DEN (depending on the character’s level), but if he fails he loses a certain amount of DEN (also depending on the level) and can try again.

Modes in group

In these modes it is only possible to play with 4 or 6 players, divided in 2 or 3 times (red, blue and green), that in each there must be the same number of players. The winning team is decided with the sum of the score of all the members, so even being first in the match the player can lose.

Times Standard Competition

This is the dance mode in teams equivalent to the Normal Game. Players reverse with other team members to increase the level of the sequences. If one person makes a mistake, the mistake is valid for the whole group.

Dance Competition

This is a guided version of the Freestyle version. The difference is that all members even using freestyle movements should make the same move. If not, the turn is considered a mistake and misses the opportunity to make a move the next turn. It is indicated to combine with the group members before departure. For example: moves that start with the left and then right, then in all sequences put first left, then right, and end the first sequence from above (since they appear 3 at a time). Most people use numbers to indicate directions, in this example it would be 4 (left) and 6 (right).

Group Battle

A team of five against an NPC (non-playable character) to gain different amounts of DEN depending on the level of difficulty. If the sum of the five players’ scores is greater than the NPC’s score, they win, if not, they can not do anything. To participate in a Batlaha in Group, the player to be above level 6 and must pay a fee in DEN depending on the level of difficulty. There are 4 types of NPCs, those that are alone, those that come in trio, those of BeatUP mode and the couples that to face needs two couples of players. (In the Brazilian server it only has the first type quoted) In this mode no experience point is gained. Players over 16 (21 on some servers) have access to more NPC’s, are more difficult but the victory is rewarded with many more DENs

Battle B-boy with 4 (or 8) directions

An individual player of each team makes a Freestyle movement, then the sequence appears to the opposing team, after the team has to do the same sequence. If the group correctly makes the sequence done by the advesario, a bar that appears in the upper corner will increase, each time the bar fills, will increase the number next to it. When the match ends, if the winning team has a number greater than 5 beyond the experience points and the DEN, it will also gain the opponent’s DEN amount (leaving the losing team without any DEN). At 4k this mode starts at level 6, already at 8k, starts at level 8.

Dance in Couples / Dance in Advanced Couples

A double bonus. Where the man stands facing the woman doing the same steps. If they both did a simultaneous PERFECT, they get 1 heart. Achieving 3 more hearts than the opposing couple, will make the couple embrace in victory, achieving 5 or more, they will kiss. If a couple gets at least 5 hearts they have the option of forming a couple in the game and the two will have to take a test. In this mode the competition can be up to 3 couples. (In the Brazilian server, only 2 couples per match are allowed)

Night Mode 4 / Night Mode 8

In this mode each team each team plays as in Dance Competition up to level 6 through 9 and then proceeds with 1 freestyle movement for each level from 6 to 8, 2 freestyle moves to level 9 and finally ends with Finish Move. Does it leave you this different? There is an exclusive scenario for this mode, one player error does not disrupt the performance of the other members of the group, the error does not prevent the player from making the next sequence, and this mode only has songs above 125bpm. One of the most agitated modes of the game.

Dynamic 4 / Dynamic 8

As in solo mode, the only difference is that there will always be 2 Freestyle moves in a row. The error of a player does not disturb the performance of the rest of the group.

Sync 4 / Sync 8

This mode is played exactly like Dance Competition, each player playing by itself. The player who misses a step does not disrupt the performance of the group.

Dance club

3 men and 3 women face each other. Before the match starts at certain times of the song, each one must choose a character of the opposite sex by pressing F1, F2 and F3, if a man and a woman exert themselves, they do a Dance in Pairs and ends in the Finish Move.

Ballroom Dance

It’s like Club Dance. It takes 3 men and 3 women. All players of the opposite sex who are not dancing with their persong are dark. At the top there are icons of hats and roses separated in 3 parts (one part for each team), the hat represents the man’s score and the rose represents the woman’s. In some moments of the match it is allowed to change of pair by pressing the space bar, if neither of them press the pair continues the same. At the end of the match is shown Party King (man) and Party Queen (woman) who were the players with the highest score, they do not have to be the same team to win. In the room, the ganhandor of the last match will have a hat and a rose (man and woman respectively). There are two curiosities in this mode: different from other modes, this one has a specific choreography for each song, Totally different from the normal steps of the game; And for now this mode only has on the Korean server, but has some songs in Portuguese.

Wedding Party

In this mode there is no competition. To play in this mode you must have a partner and have an item purchased with Cash. It’s like the license, but in this case both (the couple) must meet the challenge (combos, PERFECTs and points). The song is unique, can not be played in any other way. In order to win the challenge, the two characters in any room will appear with a ring on top.

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