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Atlantica Online is a role – playing game or strategy with 3D graphics free for Microsoft Windows . It is based on turn- based strategy and is cataloged as a massively multiplayer online video game . It is developed by the Korean company Ndoors Corporation . The international version is written in English and distributed by the American delegation of that company: Ndoors Interactive Inc. The game was released on October 30, 2008 and since its official launch, it regularly broadens its content and improves its performance through Update patches .

The game is set in an alternate history of the Earth, with an atmosphere of fantasy and elements of steampunk . The game map consists largely of the Northern Hemisphere. As in many games of this type, it is possible to purchase special items from the game with real money.


The game offers a world populated by characters created by players and NPCs. You can choose 9 different classes for your character and configure their appearance. Players do not fight with only the main character. Each player can recruit additional mercenaries up to 8 mercenaries in addition to the principal, but only 9 in total may be on the battlefield. Players may keep additional mercenaries in mercenary rooms. In addition to battle skills, all players can learn new skills to create handy tools and accessories very useful during the game. The design of the game places a great emphasis on the concept of guilds or clans. Clans can control several peoples in the game. Powerful clans can found nations and confront other clans. The combat in Atlatica Online is something unusual for the genre, since it is based on shifts.

Currently there are no IP restrictions blocking the US version of Atlantica Online. This unrestricted access has resulted in international users from other countries outside the United States being able to play on US-based servers.


After starting the game players can recruit up to 39 mercenaries to join in their travels around the world of Atlantica. Users can fight along with 8 mercenaries during battles and change the battle formation accordingly as the situation requires. The mercenaries along with their hero advance both degree and hierarchy as they become stronger as they gain experience during battles. There are currently 39 different types of mercenaries that are classified into 4 different classes and styles. Table. Melee Mercenaries attack melee openers. Melee mercenaries have high HP and defense, but average power action. Long Distance Mercenaries attack their opponents at a distance. Long distance mercenaries usually have low HP but a high power of action. Magical mercenaries use their spells, Which are stronger than your basic skills. Artillery mercenaries inflict scatter damage on their enemies. Due to artillery accuracy and powerful range, they can be quite effective with their opponents.

Battle TraditionalĀ 

The combat in Atlatica Online is something unusual for the genre, since it is based on shifts. When a character of the player and an enemy character face, both are transported to a small battlefield where the battle takes place. During the battle, other groups of players and other groups of monsters can join the battle in a maximum of 3 groups per side. In battle each group is positioned on a 3×3 grid. The position of each mercenary and the main character are determined before starting the battle, but it is possible to modify the position by moving their positions during the battle when it is their turn. During the turn of the player / monster five members of the group can execute an action.

Tactical System of BattleĀ 

The Battle Tactical System (TBS) is the latest evolution of Atlantica turn-based combat and offers players the ability to team up with their friends or clan members to battle in large battles with dozens of characters per side. One side can have up to nine players in a Trojan battle, and up to four characters under the player’s control. To win, players must manage their special units and other items such as weather, terrain, obstacles, fires, traps, and more. Player against player. The game offers several types of fighting between players (PvP) by its acronym in English. – Challenges: Players can challenge any player to a challenge, and can bet up to at least 100 golds. The winner receives the bet. – Free League: Organized leagues are established during the day with prizes for the winner in Atlantic monemas (game coins). For this type of battle is offered a rank and fame that can be gained or increased rank. – League Coliseum: A modified version of the Free League that limits players’ levels and weaponry to provide a different experience in PvP battle. – Championships: This tournament is held every 2 weeks on Sunday and is among all the servers, where players can take part of the Grand Championship. As a prize to the winner of the big tournament the player receives the Black Tiger of Lord Barbaro and 45 silver coins from Atlantis. – War: War can be declared from one nation to another. This is currently the only way to combat on a larger scale than one on one. The maximum however is 3×3 per battle. During war battles prizes of other battles are not awarded. If a player loses during the war he will have to be stripped of his armaments.

Player against the environment

Groups of monsters roam freely in designated areas of the world map or in dungeons. Most dungeons are open and accessible to all players level enough to enter. They are mostly used to complete the main search line. The game also has several types of dungeons (by goal and by time). If they are successful in the dungeons, players receive prizes in addition to the booty they have obtained. – Independent: These dungeons can be completed individually or in a group of up to 3 players. They require a certain level to enter. The reward includes various items and weapons equipment. – Clan: Can be completed with members of your clan. The difficulty depends on the dungeon. The reward varies and are sent directly to the clan leader. – Nation: Currently the dungeons are more difficult to complete as it requires several members with a very high level. Great organization and coordination are needed before and during the meeting. Teams are usually organized by their level and are assigned specific functions such as heavy offense or defense. When a group ends with a dungeon it is advertised throughout the server. Rewards are sent directly to the nation’s leader and may include rare and some very expensive items. – Equipment: These include the Coyote Valley and the enchanted Tatami dungeons. The reward is scaled according to the number of monsters annihilated within a certain period of time. The best times of the Independent, Clan, Nation and team dungeons are recorded in the game’s Hall of Fame. – Training Centers: Training centers can be completed by clans. They consist of dozens of scheduled rounds against progressively more difficult groups of monsters. Based on their performance the clans are classified and points are assigned upon completion in Training Center.


The world of Atlantica Online offers places of the real world that are mixed with mythological and fantasy elements. Countries like Germany and China are represented with cities like Munich, Moscow and Sapporo and the game offers the opportunity to visit them. The climates are a feature similar to their counterparts in the real world, architecture is often a recreation of structures well known in the cities of Eastern Europe and Japan to name a few. Rome also acquires a very important role as a place of the real world, similar to the ancient city of Rome during its period of the conquest like the Roman Empire. Any player with a level higher than 20 can instantly teleport to Rome if he has the necessary percentage of will. In Rome the players can visit the bazaar,

The locations are based on real-world locations, but often geographically out of place and greatly altered by the effects of the game. Most of the civilizations represented are anachronistic; Rome is located in the Germanic Roman Empire, while Great Britain is independent, the Ottoman Empire reigns in Turkey. Southeast Asia resembles the ancient kingdoms of India before Western colonization and Islamic influence, and North America is trapped in the industrial revolution.

On December 18, 2008, the North American continent was added, which has New York as a new city to explore in the United States and also added Mexico as potential countries to explore. These contain few dungeons but greatly expand the Atlantica Online map. Game developers have also mentioned the possibility of adding continents from the southern hemisphere, excluding Antarctica.


The reception of Atlantica Online has been very positive and has received a number of awards in 2008. The game is acclaimed for its innovative turn-based combat system and its integration with community functions. Danny Gourley of Ten Ton Hammer praised the game, stating “it requires players to think a bit instead of pressing keys.”

Atlantica Online has been selected as the official game for the Gaming World Championship for 2 consecutive years 2008 and 2009. Other unique features that are often praised are its mercenary, beginner / mentor system and its self-motion.

Since its launch it has been rated by members of various websites,, and, as one of the best MMO games. In has been consistently ranked as the best F2P / microtransaction MMO.

Awards and recognition

  • “Best Fantasy MMORPG of 2009”, MMOHut
  • “Best Free To Play Game Of 2008”, Ten Ton Hammer
  • “2008 Best New Game” Nomination, (voted 3rd),
  • “Best Game”, Korea Game Awards 2008
  • “Golden Plume Award for Best Foreign Online Game”, China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference (ChinaJoy) 2008
  • “Most Innovative Online Game”, GameOgre’s 2008 Online Game Awards
  • “Top Free MMO of 2008”, “Best Innovation in an MMO of 2008”, “Best Gameplay in an MMO of 2008”, Onrpg Member of the Choice Awards 2008

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