Albion Online

Albion Online (AO) is a medieval fantasy MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive, based in Berlin, Germany. [1] During the beta stages of development, players were able to purchase “Founder’s Packs” to gain access to the closed beta play-tests that were intermittently run by Sandbox Interactive, typically after an interval of a few months of development. These Founder packs are no longer available, since the release of the full game. Albion Online removed from its free-to-play model for various reasons on December 30th, 2015. [2]

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Ether Saga Online

Ether Saga Online is a cartoon game with an oriental theme and music. There are three races to choose from (Ren, Shenzu, Mogui and Yaoh); while Ren, Shenzu and Yaoh share the same six classes, Mogui has only two exclusive classes available. Each race starts with a unique pet, which helps the player in combat, but starting at level 15, players are free to catch any creature they choose and raise it as a pet. The ability to distribute points earned among different items rather than statistics adds a layer of originality to Ether Saga Online. Overall, the game looks and plays like many other games in the genre. The presentation and graphics are sharper than previous games since Ether Saga is a recent game, developed by the same team behind Perfect World.

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Fantasy Westward Journey

Fantasy Westward Journey (simplified Chinese:梦幻西游 ; Chinese traditional :夢幻西遊 ; pinyin: Mèng Huàn Xi You ) isa MMORPGDéveloppé and run by NetEase. It was released for the Microsoft Windows platform in December 2001. The game is the most popular online game in China from May 2007 by advanced competitor users (PCU), with a maximum number of 1.5 million. Registered users reached 25 million by April 2005, with 576,000 players competing on top of 198 gaming servers, considered the fastest growing online game in China at the time. Average competitor usersReturned in August 2006 to about 400,000. The game uses the same engine as Westward Journey II with a distinctly different graphic style. Both games are inspired by the Chinese novel Journey to the West.

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Heroes of Three Kingdoms

The heroes of the Three Kingdoms ( simplified Chinese : 赤壁online , traditional Chinese : !決戰真三國 ) ( also known as the Chi Bi, or Red Cliff China,  and Legend of 3 Kingdoms in Indonesia) Is a massively online multiplayer role-playing game in ancient China during the fall of the Han Dynasty.  The game, developed by Perfect World, offers a free game play, no subscription basis and officially registered the status of Beta Open on October 16, 2009.

The closure of the North American version of the game was announced on September 29, 2011. The game closed on November 1, 2011 and the forums and the website were deleted at the same time, doing this act Time The fastest response for any pwi service performed on the game. The lack of customer support, as well as the abuse of players’ defects to deceive the game, remain the legacy of the fall of the game. Cubizone no longer includes Chi Bi in her list of games.

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Ether Saga Server

ESO Zero is an international privately owned Ether Saga Odyssey. Zero means the origin of our development team, our goal is to define a new Ether Saga world with a lot of cool features. Zero also means the new start to all those who will start a new difficult journey on our server, we will bring new experiences to all fans of ESO. Facebook: Ether Saga page Zero FB Homepage: Registration: Download Client: Download by mirrors or Bittorrent Server Spec: Set in North America, 7 × 24 dedicated ESO Zero Server Current Features: (initial 20130706).

1. 10x EXP Rate, 50x Drop Rate, 25x Money Drop Rate, 2x EXP Award of the Quest, 5x Quest Money Award.

2. Personalized Cash Shop, great discount on many useful tips and all that is fashion and fun.

3. Offer free E-bucks by voting system and conversion system. Players can get free E-bucks by doing a voting job every day, their online hours automatically convert to E-Cells, and after joining the community on our forum, they can win the EXP forum (a credit on the forum) most actions, and be able to use it to convert to E-dollars.

4. Fully English client, website and community forum, basic web ranking, built-in launcher voting work program.

5. Spawn and activate all bosses and events on 1st channel, no need to change channels now.

6. Active community on the forum, friendly team of staff.

7. Reduce the leveling EXP requirement to 1/20 of the original.

8. Empowered Evo pets have been modified to achieve a balanced strength level.

To know our development roadmap, please check this entry.

  • Changelog server: 20130715 – New update for the server, addition of several montages and other chanegs.
  • 20130711 – New update for the server, add any mode, open FF, FE, TW, and increased the drop rate.
  • 20130709 – Server updated data wipeout today, to solve a serious problem.
  • 20130708 – 1st automatic update fix released. 20130708 – The server is open and online. Also released the beta 1.1 client.
  • 20130707 – Launched the urgent manual fix to fix the crash bug.
  • 20130706 – The website is online, the client is ready for download.
  • 20130707 – Launched the urgent manual fix to fix the crash bug.
  • 20130706 – The website is online, the client is ready for download.
  • 20130707 – Launched the urgent manual fix to fix the crash bug.
  • 20130706 – The website is online, the client is ready for download.

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